Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

It's been fun...

I'd like to thank everybody that's used and supported LiveJournal over the past few months. It's been fun... we've made a ton of new features from your feedback, we keep doubling in size, we keep getting new servers, and our revenue continues to increase.

However, my stress has continued to increase too, and I've long since run out of free time. My free time that I used to spend working on LiveJournal for fun has now been replaced by time that I have to work on LiveJournal.

I like to design things ... I like to program. I don't like doing business stuff, or system administration. Lately I've started working on a project not related to LiveJournal, and not a website or database. It's incredibly relaxing being able to go to bed at night and know that my program can't break in the middle of the night because it's not even running. The next day I can get up and work on it right where I left off, and not have to worry about the servers all breaking that it runs on.

Really, I just need to stop doing LiveJournal. I need to get free time back, and need to get rid of stress. LiveJournal's growing way too fast for me to stay sane...

I'm going to shut off all new accounts at the end of this week.

Users with early adopter accounts, paid accounts, and permanent accounts will be able to continue to post in their journals. All users will still be able to comment in each other's journals.

My motivation for doing this is that it'll signifigantly slow LiveJournal's growth rate. (In fact, it should reverse it.) I had no problem running LiveJournal in the past, but it's too big now. It's not my life goal to run this site all by myself, and although a ton of you have been helping me out, it's never enough. I still have to do way too much stuff that people have failed to take off my back. I figure that once LiveJournal's new accounts are stopped I can work on just getting the site fast and reliable, to the point where I no longer have to work on it much, and then I can go get a real job where I actually get challenged and get to work with other people.

I'll continue to program, but it's not going to be web/db stuff. I'd like to start contributing to more existing projects that I've used for so long but never given back to (Linux, Apache, etc...).

I know there is going to be a huge adverse reaction to this, and I'm sorry. The source code for the site is all available, though, so I hope somebody else will take up development and continue to run it.

Signing off,

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