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The Webbies: Latest vote totals!

I have a nifty little spreadsheet I set up to help me convert percentages from the Webby People's Voice Awards into number of votes, and I can now offer up the latest vote totals!

Personal Site Nominees - 6/18 midnight
1221 / 6700 = 18.2238805970149% livejournal
1466 / 6700 = 21.8805970149254% blogger
1608 / 6700 = 24% dancingpaul

Only 246 votes needed to pass Blogger! Only 384 votes needed to move into 1st Place! If we really make an effort, we can be in the lead by tomorrow night! Blogger won't like it when they find out they're in 3rd place, however, so we may need another thousand votes to really cinch this one. We've got the time to win. Will we have the votes?

Community Nominees - 6/18 midnight
1249 / 12259 = 10.1884329880088% livejournal
3590 / 12259 = 29.2846072273432% beliefnet
3766 / 12259 = 30.7202871359817% craigslist

LiveJournal is a great community and we really want this award! We are picking up votes quickly here! Remember, we have 16 days left to get these votes... If we keep doing as well as we have been, we can still win this!

Services Nominees - 6/18 midnight
774 / 6047 = 12.8082078437862% livejournal
1861/ 6047 = 29.2846072273432% paypal
1488 /6047 = 30.7202871359817% planetfeedback

It's very close as to who will win, but we have been gaining votes much faster than either of the other two candidates! LiveJournal users have also reported votes under more than one name. (Live Journal, LiveJournal, livejournal, etc.) I have contacted the Webbies to make them aware of this and to get them to correct this situation on their final count. There might be a few hundred of you who voted for the other categories, but who forgot services... were you one of them?

It's important to keep in mind that we still have 16 days to win this thing, and we there is still a lot that we can do. Get out there and vote on all three races, keep telling your friends to vote, and post a message to your journal... We have over 180,000 users, and we only need another 3000 votes or so to nail down all of these races, so whatever you are doing out there, keep it up!

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