Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in news,

300 extra votes

That's about how many votes LiveJournal needs to at the current rate of voting to lock down the Personal Category of the Webbies People's Voice Awards. 300 votes. 300 votes doesn't sound like a lot, does it? It's not, but it takes a lot of work to get them. Trust me, I know...

There are about 650 people who read this room regularly, and probably at least 300 of you who are visiting this room, perhaps for the first time, trying to find out what the Webbies are all about. Basically, the Webbies are the biggest, best known awards show for the Internet. Reporters from all the major networks will be there, ABC News will be covering the awards show, and Peter Jennings will be emceeing part of the show.

This is big. If we win this, it means a lot of serious attention for the site from the press, from the open source developer community (more programmers, more features!) and even attention from the business community, which might allow Brad, someone who by all rights would be making a ton of money anywhere else in the world to make a real living here, working on LiveJournal for a living, running a site he loves.

It's really easy. If you like what LiveJournal does and feel it deserves your support, give it all you've got and get us those 300 votes! There are a ton of communities out there with a LOT of users who haven't voted yet, and we need to let the people in those communities know about us. We need the votes of the Cure fans, the Deadheads, and those of you in Nakedparts... We need to reach out internationally and reach all those people who have set up communities in India and in Israel, in Russia, in Wales, and in Germany... We need to come together now and tell the world we love this site, and let them know they can't take us for granted, that community matters, and that supporting open source projects is a way of giving back to everyone.

Take the time now to write in your vote for LiveJournal in the Personal and Services categories of the People's Voice Awards and support our effort to give something something back to everyone. Let the world know that we're here, we're free, and we're something wonderful...


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