Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Be Happy

I'm back from my roadtrip. I worked on S2, the new style system, a bunch whenever blythe or whitaker drove. It's going to be damn slick.

Before I left I did a bunch of work on automating all the billing stuff and database maintenance. dormando has done an incredible job writing monitoring scripts for everything.

I've been cleaning up the code a bunch of a new release that isn't specific at all. This is good for two reasons --- it lets other people use our code easier, and the abstraction is good for cleanliness. And it lets developers in lj_dev get a running local server up easier.

Before I left I had also rewritten the support system... a few things need to be done still before that's done.

alanj been going crazy enhancing stuff all over the site, as has martmart and halkeye. whitaker is about done with a web-based poll creator (I've seen it... very sexy. It did so much that I had to tell him to remove features because it was too ugly and complicated... but it's very functional, and it's getting pretty).

I need to add memory to one of the database servers machines, then it can start doing more work. I'll try and get the directory up too... I didn't have time to do it right before I left on my trip. S2 is what I'm really interested in, though.

Remember--- everybody in lj_dev works on whatever interests them. I feel bad for not having the directory up for so long, but there are so much more fun things to work on, and I only have so many hours in the day to work.

Just thought everybody would appreciate a news post that isn't about the Webbies. I got pretty sad seeing all the fighting about the award in the last few news posts. Just because insomnia was pushing winning the award so much, that doesn't mean that's what everybody at LJ is focused on. Mark was doing that because he wants to see LJ get really popular (for many good reasons which you can go read elsewhere).

I wish everybody would be happy .... working on LJ in the early days was always so much more rewarding because people were always happy and supportive. Now people seem to complain in all the public forums and all the appreciative users are either gone or (hopefully) just stay quiet.

In any case, I'm going to try and make everybody happy, bitching or not. If I get the directory up, S2 finished, LJ source packaged and documented well, I think people will be happy for awhile.

My family and relatives keep asking me what I'm going to do when I'm done with school in 7 months. I'm really split right now because I want on LiveJournal, but I don't want to work by myself. I want to work with other people for a company on a project I'm interested in. So basically I have 7 months to get LJ to a point where it's big enough to hire other people to work on it full time with me so I'm not bored/lonely at work.

This post jumped around everywhere and is too long, but oh well. In summary:
  • much development is going on.
  • be happy
I'm going to the beach with Whitaker tomorrow... bringing my laptop so I should be able to get a bunch more S2 work done without a net connection distracting me.

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