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LiveJournal camp at Burning Man fundraiser!

The LiveJournal Burning_Man community is planning a LiveJournal camp at Burning Man this year... A whole city will sprout up in the middle of a desolate, yet starkly beautiful desert. We will camp, get to know each other, express our creativity, and, of course, party like raving loonies.

The people running Burning Man have named us one of their very few Theme Camps. As a result, we expect to have thousands of visitors to our camp over the course of the week. We're just getting this thing off the ground, however, and can use your help.

In order to handle all the festivities, we need to buy a large communal tent, ideally something nice which we could use for other LiveJournal events in the future. We can also use donations for a little DJ system, additional paper journals, tools, lighting, a common kitchen area, renting a truck to haul everything in, etc. I doubt we'll be able to spend anything like the nearly $7,000 a year that Bianca spends on their lavish camp, but, hey... they've been doing this for years. I would be happy if we raised half the money needed for a fifty person tent... I don't mind paying a bit extra myself for a really good party!

If you are interested in helping out, we're accepting donations to the LiveJournal camp fund. All the money donated will go towards improving the camp. Note that this has nothing to do with paid accounts... any reward you get for helping the camp out is purely karmic. I expect there will be other parties under the tent in the future, however... (And it's still not to late to join us at Burning Man... but you'd better get your ticket soon and email us to RSVP!)

Click on the button to make a donation!

If you want to make sure LiveJournal is well-represented, or just want to chip in a bit, knowing that it will improve our ability to throw some pretty nice shindigs in the future, by all means donate as you see fit.

update: So far, we have raised $165 for the Burning Man camp. This is a nice start, but we can use more donations, big or small, to help pay for this very expensive undertaking.

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