Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Good news!

We've hired our first full-time employee, avva! (nobody else is full time, not even myself....)

Anatoly will be helping with programming. He's already done a lot work on LiveJournal in the past but his real job got in the way. Now he's done with that job and will be hackin' for us.

The main thing Anatoly will be doing first is internationalizing the site. Speaking 3 languages, I don't think there's a better person for the job. Currently we don't understand or support any types of text encodings ... we treat everything as bytes, which is terrible. Anatoly will be reworking everything to translate to/from Unicode as necessary when posting/viewing. This'll let you view friend pages correctly when people are posting in multiple encodings but more important, it'll let us do things like export XML correctly. (Right now it's impossible to generate proper XML without knowing the source data's encoding.)

In addition to that big project, Anatoly will be taking a share of both my fun to-do items and boring to-do items so more gets done and I'm not so stressed.

More news later....

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