Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Help test the new code and win prizes! :P

As you may or may not know, we've been busy rewriting the guts of LiveJournal so it'll perform better when run on tons of servers. (details)

We've been putting all new fun features on hold until this is done. As I said in an earlier post, LiveJournal working and working really damn fast is more important than any little gimmicky features.

Anyway, the new code is done and it needs testing. Before I <lj-cut> here, let me jump to the point:

Find bugs and win prizes!

How, Brad, How? Tell me more!

Go to:
And do anything and everything.

Note that on the create journal page you can choose between "No Cluster" and "Cluster 1". Make an account on each and try everything with both.

Find any deviances from normal or expected behavior.

It's important you test both the "no cluster" case and the "cluster 1" case. Cluster 1 uses the new db schema and code, but the "no cluster" case is also important to test, as a ton of that code needed to change to accomodate the cluster code.

Things to be aware of:
  • this machine may get slow with a lot of users. it's a crappy test server. don't blame the new code. :-)
  • the topic directory is disabled, as it's not yet rewritten.

Anything else, please report it ... just reply here.

Up to 30 people will get 1 year LJ paid accounts, for being the first to report a certain bug.

Up to 5 of those 30 will get a DVD/book of their choice ($30 or less, say), for finding the worst/weirdest/most obscure bug, as judged by Dormando, Evan, and myself.

Oh, let's give some permanent accounts away too.... people seem to like those. :-) 5 permanent accounts for another 5 bizarre bugs. I guess the 10 weirdest bugs we'll ask you in order if you want a permanent account or a DVD. Yeah, that works.

And everybody will get the satisfaction of helping. :-)

Once this new code is tested and goes live, there should be a very noticeable increase in speed on the site. I even rewrote a number of areas that access the old db schema, so things'll be faster for users on the old schema before they get migrated to the clusters.

Anyway, have fun! I'll be standing by waiting to fix things everybody finds. Hopefully it won't be too much. :-)

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