Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bug hunt, part 2

First off, I'm assuming you've read this:
Help test the new code and win prizes! :P

So here's what's up....

-- I have no time to reply to 850 comments, or whatever it's sure to get up to. But I am reading them all, and making a list of bugs.

-- Userpics are working now. It was just the server config not setup totally ... the new cluster code doesn't involve userpics at all. (that's clustering, phase 2, actually ... next month)

-- I have a list of at least 9 really good bugs so far. I'm going out with friends now (shout out to dantes_crew! woot!) but then I'll fix everything up. Already did a few of them.

-- I'll be posting updates here about bugs found and fixed, then people need to claim them. You'll claim it by emailing me with the bug number (I'll give them arbitrary numbers later) and the talkid to where you reported it first.

-- After a few days and no more bugs are found, we'll pick the best 10 coolest bugs for permanent accounts or DVDs.

Anyway, more later.

For now, stop reporting:

-- editjournal brings you back to wrong talkread page
-- backdating / metadata broken on edit
-- delete comment deletes children (fixed in CVS)
-- comment from email goes to wrong URL
-- month subject view goes to wrong talkread URLs
-- something about communities not working? not clear the issue yet.
-- something about bogus LJ user tags?

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