Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick


LiveJournal now uses UTF-8, a character encoding of Unicode to represent all of the world's languages. This by itself isn't exciting, but it was a prereq for a bunch of upcoming features which are more interesting.

If your journal/bio/interests are showing "???????????" right now instead of what you expect, go to:
... and specify your old encoding option. (since we didn't know before what you were sending to us. we were storing only bytes, not characters)
... to convert your bio/interests/etc.

Report bugs related to this topic only here, and avva will investigate & fix.

Side-note: this change imposes a one-time annoyance on all existing non-American users, but the change is for the better: all new users won't have to think twice about anything (what they type on their screen will show up on LJ always) and people in other countries will be able to easily use LJ.

Another side note... you couldn't do this before:

Amélie.. Straße.... しこしこ... сейчас...

(well, those last two will only show if your system has a Japanese and Russian font, respectively. but at least now your browser KNOWS what type of font it needs. in the past, it would've shown gibberish characters.)

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