Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Weekly Update

I'll post this weekly update a little earlier, since some people are freaking out about language change.

So let's discuss that first...

LiveJournal now auto-detects your language if you haven't specified your preferred language and aren't logged in. Even if English is your primary language and your browser prefers English, you may want to go set your preferred language to English anyway, so if you travel abroad and go to some net cafe, when you login LiveJournal will switch away from that country's language into your own.

So yeah, everybody should go to:

Be sure you're logged in when you go there, otherwise the settings won't stick and you'll have to do it everytime you open your browser.

Seven new servers are arriving Monday or Tuesday. Our current bottleneck is the cluster 1 databases, which only have 2 GB of memory. The other 4 have 4 GB of memory. So we're replacing both those (also because those machines are our first machines and are 6U.. way too large). We're also adding another db to each cluster, and adding 4 new free user webservers, the other bottleneck.

We're switching from using FastCGI to mod_perl. By itself, the performance increase won't be huge, but it incredibly increases the ease of management. No more balancing FastCGI process numbers or trusting the dynamic mode. And our 20 page httpd.conf full of mod_rewrite and Action rules is gone... making it easier to run the LiveJournal code on other sites. We're going to be working with shortly here to get them brought up-to-date with the latest code.

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