Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Beta testing, continued.

I posted earlier about the current beta-test/bughunt. Here's the status so far:

[X] :89 redir -- opiummmm
[X] spell check -- rhiannonstone
[X] userpics sporadic -- bradfitz, dixie
[X] cached closures/scoping -- dixie
[X] /community/ URI -- opiummm
[X] get_query_string -- roy
[ ] export broken -- opiummmm, 1000101
[X] INERR had invalid {S} flag -- darksoul
[?] userinfo garbage at top -- rhiannonstone
[X] portal selectall_hashref -- sirthorn 
[?] can't use _CODE as hashref -- saveyoursanity 
[X] talkread closure problem -- saveyoursanity
Keep testing. Things are seeming pretty good now. If there was a problem you reported earlier not on my list, it was probably a symptom of a problem and it's on my list above said differently. But re-check, and see if it's fixed. Thanks!

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