Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
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International LiveJournal MEETUP Day is 35 days away!

This site rules...

Basically, the idea of is to automagically take a bunch of people in a certain area interested in some topic (say, LiveJournal), and get them together in real life somewhere. Because real life can be pretty cool.

I talked to the primary guy behind this site about the details of how it works, and it's just incredibly complex ... very impressive stuff.

I'm going to be promoting MEETUP across LiveJournal (in a few places) because I think it's really cool, and I think the guy behind it is really cool. So if you think LiveJournal's sold out or something because you see what you think are cross-promotional things, just remember we're getting paid nothing for it.

I'm promoting MEETUP because it's one of those sites that I would never start, because there's such a risk of failure ... it only has value if tons of people are using it, and people aren't going to use it unless other people are using it.

So, this is my big push to help them out....go sign up for LiveJournal MEETUP day and meet some cool LiveJournal people in your area.
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