Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Some quick updates...

Permanent Accounts
We're selling another batch of permanent accounts:

We do this every 6 months or so, whenever people start mailing us a bunch asking when the next sale is. Read the page linked above for details.

Lately the site's kinda slow during peak hours because four servers we recently ordered were defective. One was physically bad, and the other three had a SCSI card, RAID card, and motherboard that weren't compatible with each other. When we get those back from the vendor fixed, we'll have more than enough database power for awhile. We're pretty disappointed that the vendor told us the machines went through testing, when they obviously didn't.

Once school starts everywhere, load will pick up a bunch. We'll be adding some new webservers ahead of time to be ready for that. (luckily, with hardware as simple as a webserver, it's hard for a vendor to mess up the configuration)

Photo Hosting
The last few months I've been working on a new project, fotobilder, which is yet another photo management site, but designed to be easily customizable, highly scalable, and integrate with other sites. It's mostly done now, but needs to be prettied-up before its release.

When that's done, LiveJournal users with paid accounts will get so much free disk space and bandwidth at (Details yet to be decided.) In addition to hosting full-sized pictures, you'll also be able to host more userpics. (more than the limit of 10)

If you're a web designer with free time and at least some experience doing OO-programming, you should join the fotobilder community and help us make pretty layouts.

And yes, I know we've talked about doing photo hosting for many years now. In the past I never did it because it was too large of a project to just cram into LiveJournal as some sub-feature. I didn't want the use of journalling or photo hosting to necessitate the use of the other. Making it an entirely separate site (, but heavily integrated solves the problem.

More details on this as we get closer to a launch date.

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