Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

More Updates

Here are some updates on the previous updates, and some more...

Permanent Accounts
All 200 sold within a few days, but we kept it open for a week since the purchase rate had slowed down a bunch after the first couple days and we'd told people over email it'd probably be up for at least a week.

The company we bought the defective servers from wants $300 each to fix them, and they're being extremely slow and unintelligible in their correspondence. So, we're trying to return them now, then we'll get things from a different vendor.

We should've had these things up and running a long, long time ago. Trust us, we're as frustrated dealing with these problems as you are with the site being slow. And we also all use LiveJournal, so that's, umm... twice the frustration.

We'll keep you updated on the status.

Photo Hosting
We got a couple people working on making pretty styles, but progress is slow. There's not much I can do to speed this process up but crack the whip or beg. Well, actually, we're working on server setup documentation to get more developers installing the software and making styles.

Account renaming
The account renaming service is back:

Sorry it went away for so long. But it's all automated now, and everything's done correctly now. We're still charging the $15 fee, though, just so people aren't renaming all the time.

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