Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

State of the Goat, 2003

Salutations everyone, I hope 2003 is going well for you. Since its still the beginning of the year, the staff members and I figured we would keep everyone informed everyone as to what's going on around the site.

So you here you have it - The 3rd Annual State of the Goat Address:

denisep & ryanfitz are the latest additions to the LiveJournal employee family - ryanfitz, as you may have guessed, is Brad's brother and will be taking on a lot of customer service related tasks, and you've probably already seen Denise (rahaeli) around, doing work to fix up documentation and site usability. If they get a chance later, perhaps they'll say "Hi" and introduce themselves.

sherm is now doing an internship for school, but he will probably be back in 6 months, and he's still doing on-site server work as necessary.

We're looking to hire a new system administrator to take care of the site, and we've a handful of good leads. If you're qualified for the job, or know someone who is, let us know!

Improving Performance
We've been trying to cut down on some of the traffic hangups everyone's been experiencing lately, and we're purchasing more servers to add to the site. As bradfitz said in lj_maintenance:
Apologies for the slowness. We are doing two things to correct things, though: -- new servers are being ordered -- new sysadmin is being hired

We're expanding our set of servers into a 3rd cabinet at our colocation facility, so we will be able to expand even further if the need should arise.

S2 Preview & Beta Testing
The fabled S2 is now nearing completion and will soon be ready for use! S2 is our new page generation, templating, and customization system. It builds pages such as your journal/friends/calendar views, but is much more robust and user friendly than our current style system. Eventually it will do much, much more.

We're still taking layout and color theme submissions and cleaning it all up as we go, but soon everyone will be able to switch over to the new system and enjoy its added features and ease of use. Once we're ready to let people use S2, it will be optional for a while for existing accounts. New accounts will automatically use S2 once created.

What's on the horizon?
What can you expect from us later on this year?

One of our largest goals is to refine our rate-limiting and abuse/moderation tools so that we can finally do away with the invitation code system. We also plan on redesigning the look and navigation of the site, and to set up a page or two where you can give us lots of feedback.

We're still working on our new payment processing system, and hope to finish it up in the next few weeks or so.

We will have more updates in the next couple of weeks, as we finish up these projects.

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