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Updates on Updates

Some quick updates to Jesse's previous updates....

We did hire a new sysadmin: lisa. She's cool, geeky, professional, in Seattle, and an LJ addict. I think she's going to be great.

Payment system
Our new payment system is live. We do our own secure credit card processing finally!

Advantages of new system:
  • a lot better for international users
  • allows multiple items per order
  • makes check processing easier on us (you make the order here on the site, then send in a check for that order number) and avoids handwriting legibility problems
  • removes our dependence on PayPal, whose servers have lately become increasingly unreliable

The old payment system is still in place, but will be removed over the next day or so. (though PayPal will remain an optional way to checkout your order from the new payment system)

Please let us know what you think of the new payment system.

Permanent Accounts
To celebrate the new payment system, permanent accounts are again temporarily available for $100. (to get one, click the link above) Permanent accounts are just paid accounts that don't expire.

Update, Jan 23rd: The permanent accounts are no longer available. If you have an existing order open containing a permanent account pending payment, it'll still work if/when you pay for it. You just can't add permanent accounts to new orders now.

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