Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

New site look!

Birthday surprise #2 of 3....

We've been talking about redesigning the look of the site for ages, but thanks to colin and jproulx, it's finally happened. The new scheme is called xcolibur, in tribute of XHTML and Colin. Colin did the original design, and Jesse did the browser compatibility and template creation.

To try it out, go turn on the beta test option:

Advantages of new style include:

  • XHTML compliant (many pages, working on the rest... talkread pages will probably never be, since people don't always write clean entries)
  • All CSS based:
    • Much less markup! (downloads quicker)
    • Works great in text browsers, modern browsers, cell-phones, PDAs, etc...
  • Less busy (the old design had too many links shown at once)
  • Makes it more obvious who you're logged in as

We've been testing this in lots of browsers, but we're not done yet. Please send bug reports to jproulx.

And we're sure many people will hate it (again, the change factor with 400k people) but we'll do our best to address everybody's complaints and get it working well so everybody's happy. That's why it's not the system default yet.


  • The IE6 centering bug is fixed.
  • JavaScript wasn't originally required, but IE isn't fully standards compliant, not supporting the pseudo-element :hover on arbitrary elements, so we had to add JS in. We'll work on making the pure CSS version still work, if you're using a good browser like Mozilla.

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