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Denise Paolucci

What we're up to!

Lots of great stuff going on over the past few weeks; here's some of the highlights.

First, LiveJournal has recently hired xevinx, a web designer who'll be working on providing new and interesting journal layouts for the S2 style system. His first design, "Component", is a S2 style available to paid users. Check out the preview. If you'd like to use it on your journal: go to /customize/, choose S2 for your style system if you haven't already, and select "Component" for your layout. It's highly customizable, so play with all of the advanced color/component options. Thanks to all of the testers in lj_test for helping to test it!

We'd also like to welcome evan aboard. Evan's been helping out with LJ nearly since the beginning, but this summer he's back to being a full-time employee. Evan's summer is going to be spent doing lots of different things for the site, including working as the "interface" between employees and volunteer developers.

Some users have been asking about community searching. Temporarily, community results will not be shown when you do an interest search. We had to disable it because it was too database-intensive. (Geek explanation: The query was unindexed, and it was killing the rest of the site.) It'll be back as quickly as possible.

A few other things about communities have changed lately, too. First, users can't be added to communities without their consent anymore. When someone tries to add you to a community, you'll get an email asking for your permission to add you. And, a feature that's been long-awaited: community maintainers can now edit the community memories from the maintainer account, rather than having to log in as the community. Just pick the community from the "Work as user" menu at the top of the Add Memories page.

Server-wise, we're moving users from cluster to cluster, and have been for the past week or so. This is because we've got some new hardware, and we're upgrading some of the old hardware. If you see "Journal is read-only" for a few minutes, you're likely being moved. Wait a few minutes and you'll be able to post or comment again. If some of you notice that you're on different clusters, that's why.

For those of you who don't already watch it, lj_maintenance is the place to go for those burning questions like "why isn't LJ working?" We've been doing a lot of work lately, both planned and unplanned, to improve LiveJournal's back-end. For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, Brad wrote two posts about our backend, and how we're improving it. In an effort to keep speeding up the site, we're adding more and more things to memcache; it's making things get better and better.

For those of you who are interested in helping to test new changes before they are applied to the site, we can always use more people helping out in lj_test.

And finally, for those of you who have some spare time and want to make a difference with your journals, check out Blogathon. It's a way to earn money for charity by updating your LiveJournal or outside journal every half an hour over 24 hours. It starts on July 26, at 6AM Pacific Time. We're not affiliated with them; we just think it's pretty neat.

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