Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Decoration plan: postcard wallpaper

Please, help decorate our office! :-)

If you haven't already heard, Danga Interactive (the official name of the company that runs LiveJournal) now has an office. Current residents are myself (bradfitz), evan, and whitaker. While she's still staying in Seattle with the servers, lisa will be visiting from time to time, since Seattle's pretty close to Portland.

The whole point is to work faster/easier with each other, but also so we could hire some more local employees. We've been moving in since last Friday and we now have desks, chairs, a fridge, and Internet access. What more could we want, right? Decorations!

Our walls are awfully drab.

We'd appreciate it if the users could send in postcards of their hometown and/or pictures of themselves (optionally in LJ clothing?). We want to plaster the walls with postcards/pics from users, as a constant reminder of what we've built and who we're working for.

We'll be sorting the postcards by geographic region and hanging them up together, so as you walk around the office you'll move between regions. And to make sure everybody can see this, we'll be taking tons of pics and making a "Danga Office Virtual Tour" page, so you can click your way around the office, looking everywhere, including the walls, and see your postcard on the wall, as well as those of others.

If you write your username on the back, we'll randomly pick a few off the wall every day or whenever we're between projects and give away 2 month paid accounts. (sorry, we can't give free paid time to everybody who sends in a postcard... we need to stay afloat.)

Live in Portland and think we don't want postcards because we know the place? No, we totally want them. (you think we get out?!)

Live in a flat, sparse place and think we don't want to see cornfields? No, we totally want them. (I'm from Iowa. There's nothing wrong with cornfields...)

Live in a populated place and don't think we want to see the Statue of Liberty for the billionth time? No, we want to make a Statue of Liberty wall.

We want the postcards to represent the userbase. If you include a photo of yourself, or a drawing, we'll include it next to your postcard, so you'll be able to find your individual postcard, even if there are twenty others like it.

I did this once in the past and it makes an awesome art project. That was before digital cameras were big, though, so I never got to exhibit it.

If you'd like to send a postcard:
PMB 133
17675 SW Farmington Rd.
Aloha, OR 97007

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