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Brad Fitzpatrick

More userpics

It's been a long, hard struggle, but it's here at least.... You can now buy extra userpics. Just hit the store and select "Extra userpics", which brings your userpic limit to 20 50. Note that you must already have a paid account to begin with.

People with permanent accounts have had their limit raised to 20 50 already, so don't be surprised if the cart doesn't let you try to buy something you already have.

whitaker had this feature ready about 6-7 months ago, but we'd been waiting for massive bandwidth and storage. Now that we've got our Akamai service (for bandwidth) and NetApp appliance (for storage), we just had to flip a switch and turn this all on. (it took less time than writing this post...)

I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about this announcement (it's our #1 feature request), but a lot of people will inevitably be angry as well. Let me address what I guess will be the three major complaints:

Why can't free users buy more userpics? We don't want all those other paid features anyway! We didn't want to create competition between different sets of products. The price is so cheap anyway, that we figure people aren't paying because paying online is a pain, and not because of the cost. If any marketing/economic genius wants to prove us wrong, though, get in contact with us.... we can be swayed, given a solid enough argument.

Why can't I buy more than 20 50 userpics? Our internal capabilities system isn't quite up to it yet. That's a logical next step, though. We'll work on it if there's enough demand.

But _____________ (insert LJ clone site) lets you have 9 million userpics! Yes, but do they scale? Do they understand the code they're running? Will they be around in a week or a month? Do they have advertisements all over their site? We may not offer 9 million userpics for free, but we have high moral standards, we're in it for the long run, and we know our code.

For more info, see the FAQ item about all this.

Anyway, that's all for now. Expect some fun announcements shortly. (we have some cool stuff ready and queued up that's just been waiting for the bandwidth/storage....)

Update: See next post. We raised the limit from 20 to 50.

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