Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

"Discount Accounts"

So here's the latest in LJ scams...

People are now saying they're "friends with the LJ crew" and have access to cheap accounts. They then offer to sell you $25 paid accounts for only $10, but they'll first need your username and password. These people then do get you a paid account, but with a stolen credit card paid for under your name. Once we see it's a stolen card, we suspend the victim of the hoax, thinking they stole the card.

Things to be noted:

-- we don't give cheap accounts to anybody for $10
-- never give anybody your password
-- there are many scams out there. don't trust everybody.

Please disseminate this to any community where you've seen this going on, translated into whatever language. (This scam seems to be popular within the Russian userbase lately....)

In other news, we have a new community for technical folks, talking about the LJ architecture which kinda fills a gap we had before: lj_backend. There's one post there now, but there will be more over time.

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