Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

New features

Blythe's asleep so I snuck in some programming..... I added a "Make Link" dialog to the Windows client. Not only does this help newbies (who keep emailing me asking for directions on basic HTML), but it speeds linking to friends ... the dialog lets you link to either a URL or a friend, and if you select something that looks like a LJ username (1-15 chars, only alphanumerics), then it defaults to linking to that user, and you can just change the text.... so you type your whole post using your friend's usernames, then go back and select them and hit Ctrl-M (or Make Link from the Edit menu), and it'll default to linking to their journal .. and it defaults to keeping the link text as it was, or you can rename it (capitalize their name ... enter their real name instead of their handle, etc..).

I think I'm over-explaining it. But I really enjoy it, so I think you will too ... once you learn the keyboard shortcuts you can link to a dozen friends in no time at all. Very fun.

Note: It isn't released yet .... it'll be in 1.3.6 and 1.3.6-lite. (from now on there will be lite versions without the spell checker)

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