Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote in news,
Lisa Phillips

Livejournal Commercials take 2

We've got another commercial for you, this time with 2 download options. It's available in a smaller (lower resolution) format in mpg, as well as a larger (higher resolution) format in mpg available via BitTorrent.

High-Quality versions (BitTorrent)
Use the file-swarming technology "BitTorrent" to download these large files from tons of other people all at once. You'll get a faster download and it saves LJ from higher bandwidth costs, allowing us to make the large files available to you.
Commercial 2 (LJ Friends) and Commercial 1 (LJ Publishing).

Those choosing to use BitTorrent for the download of these files should be sure to leave the program running after the download is complete- to allow others to download from you.

Small versions (HTTP)
These small, low-quality versions should work on all computers: Commercial 2 (LJ Friends) and Commercial 1 (LJ Publishing).

LJ Publishing is the version Brad posted Monday. These are just 2 of 4 commercials that were purposefully made to be entirely different to appeal to various audiences. We will post the remaining 2 over the next week.

Be sure to keep watching this community for the State of the Goat address tomorrow.

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