Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

April Status Report

whitaker arrived in town at the end of March, and he's been working like a mad-monkey ever since. Occasionally I'll look up from my desk and I'll see him dancing an interpretive dance of gangstas and monkeys. He's very…odd.

Brad flew out to Orlando for a MySQL conference a few weeks ago and gave a presentation on LiveJournal and Memcached. LiveJournal was a runner-up for the MySQL Application of the Year award, and we were presented with a cool dolphin statue.

New Features
This month we added a bunch of new features, thanks to the efforts of our employee & volunteer developers.

We've added a "preview" mode to the Update Journal and Edit Journal pages, which lets you preview your entry before you post or make changes to it.

We've completely removed syndication points from the site, so now you can add as many syndicated feeds as you'd like. The only difference now is that only paid and permanent accounts can create new syndicated accounts.

There are a few changes on your User Information pages that you may have noticed. We've split up all of the accounts in your friends lists into three different categories: personal, community, and syndicated accounts. There's also a new option on the Edit Information Page called "Display mutual friends on profile page" which lists users who you list as friends and who list you as a friend back on your User Information page.

For a summary of all new features, be sure to check out the communities featureannounce and lj_nifty.

The Webby Awards
As lisa announced earlier, we've been nominated for a Webby award for the Community category. We're honored that we got the nomination, and we encourage you to vote for your favorite websites.

We've made a lot of progress with our photo hosting service - whitaker modified our payment system to allow people to buy blocks of disk-space (details to be announced later), and I've been working on cleaning up FotoBilder's account management pages so that it's easy and natural to use. We've even bought a new set of servers that will reliably host up to 8 terabytes of files, spread out and replicated over many 250GB disks on different hosts so that data is never lost.

There's a few more things we need to do before FotoBilder is ready, but we hope to release for public beta testing in the next few weeks.

Hope you all have a great May!

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