Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

May Status Post

We won the People's Voice Webby Awards! We're still pretty excited about that, and we're grateful for all of the congratulations we received.

In staff news, we recently hired bleything to help take on some of the technical support and customer service duties. Go team!

This past month we made a bunch of changes to how communities are maintained. There's a new page for creating communities that makes the whole process a bit simpler, and community maintainers can now use the "Transfer Community" page to transfer communities. We've also brought back the community invite feature, but we've changed it so that people are no longer e-mailed invite notifications. You can see if you have any pending invites on the Manage Community Invitations page.

We've also been working on a new S2 style during the past two weeks called "Unearthed", available for all users. It's brand new, so we're still working out all of the kinks. We figured we'd let everyone try it out while we're working on it, so you can go to the "Customize Journal" page and choose the new style. If you have comments, questions, or bug reports for the style, please join the s2unearthed community and post there.

In paidmembers news, we've added a few new phone numbers for our Post by Phone service, and The Text Messaging Team added a bunch of new options to our supported providers list. We also wrote a new mood theme editor, which should help make mood themes easy to create and maintain.

There's a new comment management option when you delete a comment: you can choose to delete all of the comments that were in that "thread" (all of the reply comments). You can also "freeze" comment threads by clicking the ice cube button next to the comment, which will disable replies to the thread but keep the existing comments visible to the public.

For a summary of all new features, be sure to check out the communities featureannounce and lj_nifty.

In FotoBilder news, we had to make a bunch of optimizations in our file management and quota integration tools, and we ran into a few unexpected hardware problems, but we're almost ready to start beta-testing the new photo hosting service. Once we work out any bugs our beta-testers encounter, we'll start allowing people to upload their pictures and purchase more disk space.

Have a great June!

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