Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

AOL not accepting LiveJournal mail

So I'm told that AOL is rejecting all LiveJournal mail. I guess we send out so much mail (comment replies and such) that we look like spammers.

There are some hoops we need to jump through to get "white-listed" so this doesn't happen again, and we're starting down that road, but in the meantime be aware that AOLers won't be getting mail from us.

Update: I guess the problem isn't how much mail we send, but how often AOL users click "Report as spam" instead of "Delete" in their mail clients. So if you'd like to help prevent this from happening in the future, please don't report comment replies as spam. Thanks! :-)

Update #2: AOL has noticed this news posting and removed us from their blacklist, onto their whitelist. (effective tomorrow evening by 7pm EDT/EST) Thanks, AOL! Notice to AOL users: your normal spam filters may or may not still mark LJ messages as spam (depends on your settings), but at least now you have the possibility of receiving our mail at all.

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