Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

June Status Post

We'd like to welcome brett, our new sysadmin, to the LiveJournal team. Our dynamic duo of Lisa and Brett should be able to handle anything we throw their way.

We spent a lot of time in June taking care of various issues; fixing bugs, getting FotoBilder ready for launch, fine-tuning our new load balancer, developing more site monitoring tools, etc etc. There aren't too many new features we can announce just yet, but we did add something cool:

There's a new feature on the comment pages (for those of you using S1, or S2 with old style comments) called Quick Reply, which is a reply box that instantly appears underneath a comment you want to respond to. We're working on porting this feature over to S2, so that everyone can benefit from it.

More new features & bug fix announcements can be found at featureannounce.

During the past few weeks we outgrew our network topology. This caused brief periods of downtime and long periods of slowness, at least until we were able to reconfigure our network and increase server interconnection speeds. We'd like to apologize for those hiccups, and we'll be offering some reimbursements for paid users affected by that slowness. We'll have more details posted in paidmembers either today or tomorrow.

We've started a beta test for our photo hosting service, and we've gotten some great feedback so far. We're still working on various bugs and interface design, but development has come along very swiftly. We'd like to thank all of those involved with the beta test.

We're aiming to launch publically in the next couple of months, hopefully before the end of summer.

Have an awesome July!

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