Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

September Status Post

September has been bittersweet for LiveJournal. We've been working hard and making a lot of progress on various development projects, but some of our interns have gone back to college. Late last month daveman692 left the office to go to college in New York, and our esteemed developer monkey whitaker went back to Ohio for a few more semesters of school. Don't fret though — they're both still working for us in their spare time, and they'll both be back for internships at a later date.

Since our last status post there have been two major feature updates that you might have already noticed. First, maintainers of communities are able to delete posts that are made in their communities and mark them as spam at the same time. This prepares a report for our abuse team and alerts us to possible misuse of our service.

Second, and probably the most visible change: we've updated and streamlined the Update Journal and Edit Journal Entries pages to include a few new options and make it easier to use. Now when you use our web pages to update your journal, you'll be able to preview various parts of your entry as you write it, and also preview the entry as it would look in your journal. We've also added a few convenience links up at the top showing you the different ways available to update your journal. There's still a few quirks, but we're working to get rid of the leftover bugs.

As always, keep an eye out for feature announcements in featureannounce.

In hardware news, as I mentioned in my last status post we ordered a new set of fast database servers, but since then we've run into various production snags and the delivery of the servers has been stalled. Because of the delays, we've ordered a bunch of new servers from various vendors, so we'll have a bunch of new machines in production soon. There have been a few posts in lj_maintenance outlining the server problems: "Bad news, good news", "Server Update". Brad just gave me an update and it looks like two of the new databases will be installed tonight, two are showing up in the next couple days, and the final two are being built right now. The goal then is to move everybody off our old 32-bit databases to these six new 64-bit ones (we'll post a more technical summary in lj_backend soon).

Our photo hosting beta test is still running strong, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback from everyone involved (if you have a paid account and want to help out, please join fotobilder_user). We've made a lot of progress on fixing bugs, writing documentation, cleaning up the interface, etc, and we're working on a couple of cool new features such as image sharing and style previews. We're also working on a new backend protocol for FotoBilder, which we hope will encourage developers to write new clients.

Hope you all have a great October!

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