Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

January Status Post

January is now over, and what a roller coaster ride it was! Early on in the month we made the huge announcement that Six Apart bought LiveJournal. The week after the announcement LiveJournal suffered a major power loss at its colocation facility (We're still fuming about it, but we're working to make sure we're better prepared if it happens again). The following week a bunch of us employees flew down to San Francisco to meet our new coworkers and to check out our new office. As you can see, January was unusually busy for us ;-p

So, after meeting the new company, dealing with power loss and maintenance issues, and fixing up small bugs throughout, this month didn't leave us a lot of time to work on new or improved features. We did add a new statistics report to all pages served through the Express Lane that shows you the time saved in loading pages. We also worked on comment spam issues: anonymous comments now have all URLs un-linkified, and we pledged support for adding "rel=nofollow" to unknown links with Google.

In ScrapBook news, we nailed down an annoying load balancing bug, which put an end to all of the "MD5 Mismatch" errors people were seeing. Mahlon wrote up a new style called Smoove which you can select for your account on the Your Styles page. As for additional disk space, we're conferring with our new parent company about the prices we originally decided on. Once we're done with that you'll be able to buy blocks of disk space directly from our store.

Sorry about the short status post, we've been so awash in meetings, bug fixes, and trying to move an entire office down south that we haven't been working on our regular schedules. Hopefully the coming months will even out once we're settled down.

I hope you all have a great February!

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