Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LiveJournal news update

I'm filling in for Jesse this month because he's still lethargic from his recent move to San Francisco.

Move Status
We're now rollin' four deep here in the 6A office, with more on the way. Whitaker's coming next week and we're even getting a manager who we helped pick out. A manager should do wonders for us, since we're a bunch of hackers without much (or too much, rather) direction, and it's hard for us to focus sometimes.

Server Status
If you're a free user on the Filetmignon cluster (Where am I?) I'm sure you've seen the on-and-off read-only messages the past couple weeks.

While we enjoy the conspiracy theories that 6A is doing this to extract more money from free users, the truth is much less exciting. What actually happened is that we overloaded Filetmignon and while we had another database cluster ready to load onto, we didn't, because we were in the process of developing a powerloss test suite for our drive arrays.

After the big dual power failure at our datacenter recently we found a bunch of our disks, controllers, and other storage products just plain lie to do better on benchmarks. While the RAID controllers have options to disable disk caching, they very often just don't work, requiring setting up each disk individually, then putting it back into the RAID.

So now we have 2 db clusters (4 machines) ready for service, and proven to withstand powerloss, and we're moving traffic from filetmignon to the new machines. Filetmignon service will improve for free users over the next couple days.

Photo hosting status
We've finally finished the shopping cart and documentation for disk quota upgrades, so we've put that live now. If you're a paid user at 100 MB of storage and want more, options now exist. The next thing we'll be doing is devoting more servers to the photo hosting. While the storage system is massive, only three dinky machines run the application itself. We'll be expanding that shortly here. The three dinky machines were meant just for testing, but now it's production time.

We also need to work on more clients to upload photos. Jesse's working on a cool photo publishing wizard that integrates with XP. The iPhoto plugins that already exist are pretty cool. Linux people have command-line clients, but no gThumb integration or anything yet. Mark has a stand-alone Windows client that works, but needs some UI work. If you're a contractor interested in doing some Windows development, you should email me.

SixApart Integration Status
So far LiveJournal is still run totally separately from everything else here, especially as we're still settling in, but the different teams are starting to talk about sharing skills. We recently presented to them our style systems so their designer people can make some nice LiveJournal layouts, so we're pretty excited about that.


Have a magnificent March with artful alliteration! (as Jesse would say... :P)

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