Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

Poll Results & Style Contest

We've tallied the results of the Development Poll, and it seems pretty clear what you guys want: More pretty! We did some basic comparisons based on account types and figured out some stats:
  • More pretty won out by a pretty wide margin for paid and free users alike (more than 35%)
  • Tags was more popular with paid users (20%), but a little less so with free users (11%).
  • Sketch was pretty popular all around (17%), closely following behind tags in the paid user category.
  • Chat was a little more popular (14%) with free users than paid users (13%).

As such, we'll be working with the Six Apart designers to make us new styles as their time frees up. In the meantime we're holding an open S2 style design contest, so if you've made a cool style you'd like to share with LiveJournal, submit it!

We'll also be focusing on adding tag support and sketch/whiteboard functionality to LiveJournal, since those are projects are more suited to us developers.

Keep in mind that these suggestions are all side projects of our current development regime -- we're still working hard to make sure the site is secure and stable, and we're still working on and planning larger projects like ScrapBook, ESN, friends vs trusted lists, etc etc.

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