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Brad's Corner

Brad's Corner

It has been almost three months since Six Apart and LiveJournal came together as one united whole. In reflecting on the anniversary, I felt it would be fitting to write a post to our wonderful community of users in what I hope will serve as catalyst for -- dare I say -- sincere connection.

While I could write a tome about how we have all been working hard to enrich the LiveJournal weblogging service, I would rather focus on how I feel about the past three months, how I have grown as a person and have been able to rethink the goals of LiveJournal and our community.

During the past months I have worked to provide subordinates with the resources to attain results, we have developed a cohesive department effort and have kept alert to strategic opportunities. By displaying the strong mental flexibility and by using sound fact-finding approaches, we have used our common sense to reach workable conclusions.

As I write this, I hear the sound of construction outside the Six Apart office. This makes me smile since part of the construction involves repaving of the street in front of our building. I see this repaving as a metaphor (as well as a great improvement since the wheels of my Porsche will benefit immensely) for LiveJournal. If we think of LiveJournal as a bumpy road, we can imagine repaving (through improvements and account changes) as a way to place emphasis on customer benefits. In order to capitalize on competitive advantages as well as make effective use of company strengths to counter competitive offers, we must look to the future. Take banner advertisements, for example. Some may say that they are evil. I say that they demonstrate a strong ability to strengthen cost-profit ratios. Some say tomato, others say tomato.

These past four months have caused me to realize that there is a need for developing sound controls for greater cost efficiency. And for that Brad has greatly benefited from all learning situations. To go with the flow, to change with the times involves embracing change, and though it may be painful at first, change is good.

Some say leadership is about presenting people with an ample opportunity for growth. Others say that it's about giving people the empowerment to achieve improved quality. Unfortunately, in life, quality does not usually come without a cost. "Free" is a highly overrated concept, I believe. Some may even say free can be likened to Communism. I say that striving for state-of-the-art-perfection is honorable. And, when you can get a discount for paying a year in advance, honor is accompanied by savings.

Yes, I do miss my fellow co-workers. But I do believe that wherever they are now (and hopefully they all found work), they have been able to to also use their proven methods and techniques to achieve results. We have all won.

So, let us look to the future and imagine all the wonderful changes that we'll all be seeing in the future.

God Bless,
Bradley Fitzpatrick
April 1st, 2005

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