Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

April News

Contrary to what Brad posted last month: we're not adding banner ads, we haven't lost our jobs, and Brad's not driving around in some souped up Porsche. Hope we didn't fool you too bad!

In real news, we've finally settled into the new office and we've really started to integrate with Six Apart. Their design and interface architecture team is helping us while we review and revise portions of our user interface, and our collective operations team is working together to share experience and resources.

In new feature news, Brad announced earlier this week that there's a new way to manage your comments that is quicker and easier to use. Also, we've added support for the Nokia LifeBlog client, which means you can update your journal directly from your Series 60 phones, in addition to e-mail posts, phone posts, etc. Our overall Atom support has improved greatly, so any AtomAPI based clients should work with LiveJournal now. We've also tuned up our spam comment handling, making it less advantagous for spammers to comment in your journals.

Earlier we announced the results of the 2nd ever LiveJournal style contest, and we've gotten a lot of feedback to add all of the submissions to the site. In light of that, we will be working with all of the authors who submitted a style to see that they're all added to the site.

In ScrapBook news we're in the process of testing a new Windows XP client that integrates with Explorer, offering people an easy way to upload pictures from their computers. We've tuned our e-mail picture posting feature so that it works with a wider variety of cell phones, and as mentioned earlier we now support picture uploads from the up and coming Nokia LifeBlog cell phone client. We've made a bunch of performance changes and we're also getting in a new shipment of web servers just for ScrapBook, so ScrapBook will speed up considerably.

As for new features on the horizon, we've prioritized the results of our development poll and are working on a lot of things in parallel. We've got a team of developers working on adding tag support that should be beta by the end of the month, Brad's working on adding more unobtrusive Javascript wizardry to streamline common tasks, I'm working on adding more styles, everyone's working on improving infrastructure, and much much more.

Hope you all have a marvelous May!

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