Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

July News

July is over, and we're coming into the home stretch of summer. There are a couple of new faces on the LiveJournal team this month: ljkrissy is our new product marketing manager, and coffeechica is our new support supervisor. We're still hiring if you're looking for work in the Bay Area!

New Stuff
In new feature news, we've made a bunch of changes to our Frequently Asked Questions page that should make it easier to find the information you're looking for. There's now a search tool that searches all of the FAQs, and we've added short summaries to each FAQ to cut down on reading time.

Three new S2 styles have gone live in the past month, two from mart called "Dear Diary" and "Quite Lickable". Brad added another style called "Bloggish" which uses standard CSS classes defined across TypePad and Movable Type layouts, so it can share CSS themes from any Six Apart service. veroz is working on a new style and fixing up "Cuteness Attack", and we're still in the process of adding style contest participants. In related news, revmischa has started to add Quick Reply support to certain S2 styles ("The Boxer", "Unearthed", and "Tranquility II"), and will be updating other styles all throughout August.

Also this month we've fixed up a bunch of bugs with tags, and we're now exposing far more tag information to S2 styles -- S2 style authors now have access to information like how many times a tag was used, who can see the tag, and more. Keep an eye out for styles adding this information.

Other News
We've ordered a bunch of merchandise to restock our store, and we're adding a couple of new items in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to news for future merchandise announcements.

Starting this August we're opening up the lj_feedback community, which is the new place to leave feedback about LiveJournal and fill out our surveys and polls. We'll be randomly awarding LiveJournal prizes to users that leave us feedback, so if you want to participate the first survey is up and running!

In OpenID news, a bunch of other blogging services are signing on to support OpenID: a new version of TypeKey will include OpenID (native support for Typepad and Movable Type users), and there are WordPress and blosxom plugins in development. Find out more about OpenID on LiveJournal.

Have an alliterative August!

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