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August news

August news
Hi everyone! It’s my first time writing a news post so bear with me. August was a great month for us, partly because the entire staff got together in San Francisco. We also talked technopatra and veroz into joining our staff to work on interaction and design, and the LJ engineers have been busy fixing bugs (for a full list check out featureannounce) and working on site enhancements.

Invite a Friend
We’ve made it easier for you to invite your friends to join LiveJournal. The customized link on our new Invite a Friend page directs your friend to create an account with the option to automatically add you as their friend. They can also choose from a list of your active communities to join. (Please note that this is not a revival of the old invite code system – read more about the new system in the FAQ.)

New S2 Editor
Anybody who's tried to make a custom S2 style knows how frustrating it can be. Not anymore! Thanks to night_watch and Google's Summer of Code, we now have a brand new S2 IDE. If you're an S2 author, go check it out!

Feedback community
If you're interested in sharing your opinions to help improve LJ, don’t forget to add lj_feedback to your friends list. We'll be announcing a couple of Six Apart surveys soon, so be sure to visit.

LJ Spotlight
In our last news post we introduced lj_spotlight, a place where we post about the interesting ways people are using LiveJournal. Thank you for all of your nominations for Spotlight; we’ve gotten some great submissions! To nominate a journal, community or post for Spotlight, read the guidelines in the userinfo.

Frank mosaic posters!
Due to popular demand we’re making a poster out of the Frank mosaic! You can head to the Gift Shop to pre-order your poster, but keep in mind that the posters won’t be ready to ship until the end of September.

As a thank you to our Support volunteers, we're sending a copy of the poster, signed by staff, to our current most-experienced volunteers. Logistics make it impossible to send a copy to every past or present volunteer, but we wanted to say that we appreciate all the help from everyone who's ever given their time and trouble in the volunteer support area. Thanks to all of you from all of us.

Hurricane Katrina
Our latest Spotlight post was about how people are using LJ to communicate their experiences with Hurricane Katrina. People are posting reports in Katrina-related journals and communities, and even after the power went out some users continued to check in with voice posts. Other users have started collecting donations for their LJ friends who have been hit hard by the storm. It really demonstrates how tight-knit our LJ community can be.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by Katrina, especially all of our LJers in the area. If you'd like to help, there are many ways to donate. LiveJournal will donate 25% of our Gift Shop merchandise sales for the month of September (this includes the Frank poster pre-sale) to the relief efforts.

Stay safe out there!

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