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It's cool to blog at school

It's September, which means many LJers are back in school - including some of our staff members! It's a little bit empty around here when whitaker, revmischa, and veroz are away at school. We won't be lonely for long though, because LiveJournal is still hiring, and our parent company, Six Apart, is also looking for engineers. Check out the job listings.

For those of you who are back in hell class, here are a few ways you can bring LJ to school with you:

Use the new Schools feature
With the Schools feature, you can now add schools to the userinfo page for your journal or communities, as well as find other users associated with a school.

And before you ask, no, LiveJournal isn't trying to be some cheesy college yearbook site. LJ is bigger than that. LJ's Schools feature is meant to cover schools of all kinds, from colleges to your old elementary schools. We just wanted to give you one more way to connect with each other.

Visit the Schools Directory to find and add your school. If you don't find yours, you can suggest that it get added. Some of our awesome support volunteers have signed on to help keep growing the schools database. We'll work to keep the list updated as quickly as we can.

Create a school-related community
Want an easy way to communicate with your classmates (notes "comparing," anyone?), dorm neighbors, or school team? Head to lj_spotlight for a few ideas and examples of school-related communities. If you already maintain a school-related community, be sure to add the school to the community's userinfo page.

Spread the word about LiveJournal
We've started a new community for those of you who want to spread the word about LiveJournal. Check out lj_promote, a.k.a. Promote the Goat (we couldn’t leave Frank out of this) to download goodies like LJ logos, nametags and badges. Be sure to share your creative ideas while you're there.

Invite a friend
If you find out that a classmate, roommate, study partner or professor isn't on LJ yet (gasp!) you can use the Invite a Friend feature to introduce them. You'll automatically be added to their friends list, and they can choose from a list of your communities to join.

LJ merchandise is a great icebreaker
Wear your LiveJournal t-shirt around campus or hang your Frank mosaic poster in your dorm room and see what kind of comments you get IRL.

Those are just a few ways to use LJ at school. Share your ideas with us in lj_spotlight and lj_promote, and remember, you can always post those late night study group photos friends-only.

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