Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

September News

It's finally October; the trees are changing color, the weather is cooling down (unless you're in the southern hemisphere of course), and here in San Francisco we're anticipating the holidays. We're still hiring, so if you want to lend us your talents and become a part of our team, apply today.

S2, our preferred journal style system, got a lot of love this month, and will continue to receive affection while we work towards offering reasonable default styles. We've added a quirky style contest runner-up from alsatia called "Gradient Strip", which you can select from the customize journal page.

We're in the process of cleaning up our existing S2 styles, re-organizing the existing style options and re-developing the "Customize your journal" pages. In the near future we will be adding a browsable S2 style directory, an area on the site where everyone can view and submit new themes and styles.

Keep an eye out in news for future S2 announcements.

Other News
In new feature news, we've added preliminary timezone support to S2 comment pages. You can now set your timezone in the Edit Information page, and view when comments were made in your local time. We're adding this to most S2 styles, and will be extending it to posts and other information in the future.

Continuing from the Schools announcement, we now have a total of 25,000+ schools listed in our database, with another 30,000+ schools pending approval. If you've recently submitted a school, it might take a little while before it shows up. Also, if you've noticed any errors or duplicates for schools, feel free to open a support request in the "schools directory" category and let us know.

In merchandise news, we've received our shipment of Frank Mosaic Posters and we're getting ready to mail them out to everyone who bought one. We have a limited number in stock and we probably won't order more, so if you're looking to deck your walls Franktastic, purchase one today!

And a reminder to all of you eligible paid members, our bonus paid time promotion is ending October 15, 2005. Don't miss out on your chance to switch to automatic payments and receive 3 bonus months of paid time!

Those of you using ScrapBook may have noticed new changes to the gallery management pages, amongst other cleanups and tweaks. We're making a lot of improvements to the interface and revamping our tags ("short names") feature, so keep an eye out for ScrapBook changes in the near future.

Have an outstanding October!

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