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October News

You probably noticed some changes to the site over the weekend, including a spooky look to the Xcolibur navigation bar. We've been hard at work on some big projects, and you're starting to see just a few of the improvements we have in store for you.

Bigger, Better Data Center
Later this month the servers that host LiveJournal will be making their way from Seattle to San Francisco (with a little help from our trusty sysadmins and some carefully packed moving trucks, of course). Moving our primary data center to San Francisco, where the Six Apart offices are, gives us more access to people, power, bandwidth, and space -- all the stuff we need to keep LiveJournal reliable.

What does this move mean for you? After the dust settles, we plan to pass on the benefits of our greater capacity by increasing limits on resource-hungry things like storage space. We're doing everything we can to make this transition as seamless as possible, but with any large scale infrastructure work there's a chance we'll need to schedule a window of downtime. As we get closer to the move date we will keep you posted in lj_maintenance with more specific information. Thanks for being patient with us during this work!

Share your photos on LiveJournal
Want to share photos of your Halloween costume, or your pet's Halloween costume, with your friends? All LJ users can now insert an image into their post directly from the Journal Update page by using the "Insert" dropdown menu. Free users can insert an image from a URL, and paid users can insert an image from a file on their computer or from one of their ScrapBook galleries.

Paid users, who have access to ScrapBook plus 100MB of storage space, should take note of some additional changes. ScrapBook is now in the navigation bar, and we've added a new style called Positive Contact as well as some really useful tagging features. Watch for more sort and search features to be added to ScrapBook soon. To learn more about using ScrapBook, check out the newest ScrapBook FAQs.

Speaking of changes to the navigation bar, revmischa and veroz have been working hard at improving our portal feature which helps you personalize the way you interact with LiveJournal. It's called My LJ (special thanks to members of the lj_feedback community for helping us with the name). Everyone can find a handy link to My LJ on the left hand side of your main navigation bar. For those of you who have already been using My LJ, look for new additions including the Friends Page module, FAQs module, improvements to the Recent Comments module and improved functionality.

The Schools Directory now contains nearly 70,000 schools, and we're still working on adding more. Our fantastic schools team (do another!) is working 'round the clock to continue refining the directory. If your school name is incorrectly listed, or if you find any other mistakes in the Schools Directory, let us know by opening a Support request. To help us fix the listings as quickly as possible, please include a link to your school in your request. Remember, you can edit your user info page to show your schools to everyone or just to your friends.

For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo this month, please tell us about it in lj_spotlight. Have a productive November!

Update: Some of you had questions about Hitbox on LiveJournal. kevink has addressed the subject here.

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