Krissy (ljkrissy) wrote in news,

Gift Shop Update

We’ve made some changes in the Gift Shop that might be of interest to LJ holiday shoppers.

Hooded sweatshirts are back by popular demand. We ordered a limited quantity this time around, so get yours now. You can pre-order starting today, and they will be shipped after December 12th. You can also get up to 35% off several merchandise items from long-sleeved T-shirts to the baseball cap.

If you’re planning on giving some paid accounts this holiday season, you may want to wait until we make some more announcements next week. ;)

Comment Emails
We’ve found what was holding up your comment emails, so in the last few days many of you have been receiving emails from old comments. The system should be caught up by tonight. If you’d like to read more about this situation, check out this post in lj_maintenance.

New My LJ modules
revmischa has added a few new modules in My LJ. You can now leave a Note To Self and you can also check out the addictive Random User module. marksmith created a Frequent Tags module that shows you which tags you use most often. They'll serve as a nice reminder of tags to add to the post you're writing.

Keep warm, and watch the news next week for some more holiday announcements.

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