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We've been busy getting the new year started off right, and we already have some progress to share with you. Check out some recent additions and changes to the site:

Did you get nudged this weekend? Last week we launched the new nudge feature, which enables you to tell an LJ friend that you miss them and want them to update their journal. We've been nudging our friends and have had a great time seeing them get inspired to update!

To nudge a friend, visit their user info page and click the nudge icon. You can select who you'd like us to send a short message to, and we'll also show you a list of friends along with how recently they've posted. You can't nudge someone who has posted in the past 7 days and you can only nudge mutual friends; read the FAQ for more details. Go send some nudges!

Improved Site Search
A few weeks ago we asked some of our volunteers to tag the entire site, including management pages and FAQs (not including journals or communities). They have since added close to three thousand tags! You can't see these tags, but they will help with site searches. So say you are looking for voice post numbers, you can now simply type "voice post" into the search box at the top of each page on LJ. We do plan to make navigation better overall, but this is a nice intermediate step if you know what you're looking for, but not where to find it.

Comments & Interests
Now you can view recent comments made to your journal or communities you maintain by clicking on the comments link underneath the Journal heading in the nav bar. Also check out the new popular interest tag cloud to find other users who share your interests!

Feed Icon Change
You may have noticed that we changed the icon for syndicated feeds. It used to look like this Old Syndicated Feed Icon but it now looks like this New Syndicated Feed Icon.

We'd like to remind you that you can add website feeds to your friends page. Just find a feed that you're interested in and follow the link at the top of the page to add it. Free accounts can add any feed that has been created already -- visit the list of popular feeds for some ideas of what to add. Paid accounts can add new syndicated feeds by using the form at the end of the page. You can also visit syn_promo where users post announcements of feeds they create and watch.

Password changes
As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we have updated our password requirement policies. We understand some of you may not feel your account needs this level of protection, but an overwhelming number of you had passwords that were extremely easy for automated programs to guess. While we protect individual accounts against a brute force attack, many scripts instead try the same common password on thousands of accounts until they find one that it works on. This leaves your account vulnerable to someone altering your user info, spamming communities, or posting graphic objectionable content under your username. A password cracker could also publicize your, and your friends', private and friends-only entries for the world to see. We understand that changing your password is inconvenient, but we hope you understand our reasons for keeping our security requirements high. If you are encountering problems changing your password, please feel free to contact Support to request assistance.

Translation updates
Did you know that LiveJournal supports 32 different languages? You can set your language when choosing your browse options.

Translations on LiveJournal are coordinated and completed by volunteers around the world. Special thanks to our Russian, German, and Finnish teams who are the most consistent in keeping their translations current. We are always in need of new volunteers, so if you're interested in helping out, check out all the teams. If you have any questions, ask them in lj_translate.

Go Team Leaky Canoe!
Last but not least, the LiveJournal Schools Directory volunteers were proud to announce we officially hit the 100,000 approved schools mark at 8:47p PST on Jan 14, 2006. Way to go everyone!

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