Krissy (ljkrissy) wrote in news,

Corniest Feature EVAR

Valentine's Day is coming up and we were trying to think of the quickest, corniest feature we could whip up that would be fun. Brad and one of the founders of Hot Or Not were talking a few months ago about their Virtual Flowers feature and Brad asked if we could borrow it... So we did.

Starting today you can go to the Gift Shop to purchase virtual gifts to be delivered to the user info page of anyone with a LiveJournal account. You can choose a gift of one red rose, one yellow rose, a dozen red roses, balloons, or a box of chocolates, and you can send a personalized note with each one so you can show off your own haiku skills. Each virtual gift will display on the recipient's profile page for two weeks before wilting away.

As a bonus, anytime you receive 10 or more virtual gifts within a two week period, we'll credit you two months paid time to your account as our present to you. This bonus offer will run at least through the end of this month.

We're launching virtual gifts for Valentine's Day but we're planning on keeping the feature available all the time. You can send virtual gifts for any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries, or for no occasion at all.

Watch the news to hear about more features the engineers have been working on, including a much improved rich text editor, draft support, and a cool feature we've nicknamed "userpic factory." Stay tuned for more details!

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