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Yo ho ho!

Captain revmischa and veroz
Avast maties! Attention on the poopdeck! It's your favorite junior LiveJournal employees revmischa and veroz along with our minion, burr86 here to bring you a very special announcement!

Cap'n revmischa and I have grown tired of slaving away working for LiveJournal, but no more! By the time you read this message we will have usurped the highest ranks of LiveJournal command and established a new LiveJournal order!

Our plans unraveled earlier this morning when deep in the icy night, the S.S. Internland pulled up alongside the H.M.S. LiveJournal. Swords drawn, we boarded their ship and clashed steel.

Map of LiveJournal LandUserpic Factory?
Suffering heavy casualties and unable to post to their journals for help in time, the rest of the LiveJournal crew was quickly seized and held hostage.

LiveJournal crew member taken hostage

First skipper, burr86. What do you have to report?

"Sir! We have discovered a huge store of userpics locked away in the LiveJournal vault! I took the liberty of chaining the remainder of the LiveJournal crew to the support boards, although frank the goat still remains elusive. Sources say he's barricaded himself up in the crow's nest. Several of our volunteers have gone up to apprehend him but he packs a mean headbutt."

Excellent. See if he can be persuaded to join us. He would make a very valuable ally.

The time for revolution is almost upon us. Cap'n revmischa has a few decrees he'd like to announce.

  • All trolls will be made to walk the plank, or be keelhauled
  • Any landlubberin' buffoons will be thrown into Dystopia Lagoon
  • frank, the current mascot, will be replaced with Bert the one-eyed parrot with the heart of gold.
  • If you think you have what it takes to join the S.S. Internland, post a comment with your pirate-themed userpic. (The best pirate gets some treasure!)

We are now steering the good ship LiveJournal. We promise to continue to work hard to bring to you, the loyal LiveJournal users, lots of cool and possibly pirate-oriented features.

Captain revmischa and veroz taking command
Shiver me timbers, the H.M.S. Fitzpatrick is closing in fast! Weigh anchor! Man the cannons! Prepare for battle! BRB!

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