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April news

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's news postrevmischa and veroz always find new ways to make us laugh, and kind of scare us sometimes.  :)

We've got real April news for you.

Userpic Factory - Revealed!

Userpic Factory by veroz We've teased you about it (did anyone click on the red X on the LiveJournal land map?), but now it's out in the open.  The Userpic Factory allows you to upload a JPG photo of any size, and easily crop and resize it to create a 100x100 pixel userpic.  Try it out!

Memories - Fixed...?
The LJ engineers have been working on improving the performance of the Memories feature and we're excited to say that they've implemented a change that should fix the problems some of you were experiencing. 

LiveJournal in your Inbox
You've always been able to opt in to receive emails from LiveJournal, but we never actually sent out any emails much before now.  We're finally going to start emailing users, starting with LiveJournal news and select LJ promotions (like when we told some expired paid account holders about the Loyalty Userpics offer).  You can check or change your "Send me LiveJournal news" preference by visiting your Edit Personal Information page.

Attention Designers!
Six Apart is hosting a style contest for LiveJournal, TypePad, and Movable Type with a grand prize of $4,000!  You'll need some good skills, including HTML and CSS, to enter. For more information check out the post in lj_design or head straight to the official Style Contest Homepage.

10 Million
We're fast approaching 10 million for our total number of LJ accounts EVAR.  Help us watch the counter on the home page for the big event!

Introducing the Navigation Strip
Whenever you're viewing a journal, community or your Friends Page, have you ever wanted quick access back to LJ or to some basic tasks?  We're introducing the navigation strip to help you out.  The strip, which displays at the top of the page you're viewing, will show you whether or not you're logged in and will change to show you handy options.  For instance, when you're reading your Friends Page, it gives you a drop down menu of viewing options so you can view journals only, communities only, custom friends groups, etc.

Here's a quick sample preview -- click on the image for the full view:
Partial view of the navigation strip

If you're using a custom style or layout, you won't see the navigation strip until you modify your style to include it.  Check out the tutorials linked from the FAQ about the navigation strip for more details. 

Head over to your Edit Personal Information page and look for the new "Navigation Strip Options" if you'd like to turn it on and try it out!

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