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July news

Congratulations Brad!
We don’t mean to break any hearts here, but LiveJournal founder Brad Fitzpatrick is officially off the market. Big congratulations to Brad and Dina who got married in Portland this month. Now frank is still single, but don’t tell that to memethesheep

Changes to our account names
You might have noticed that we changed our account names. What was called "Free" for so many years is now called "Basic" and what launched as "Sponsored+" is now just called "Plus." We made this change to simplify things and to make it clear that both the Basic and Plus accounts are free of charge.

Good news for Plus users
We’re still trying to deliver on our promise that LJ does ads differently. So we’re excited to announce that the hundreds of thousands of Plus account users can now select the placement of the ads in their journal and Friends page. Visit the Ad Settings page to choose to display horizontally at the top and bottom of the page, or vertically on the right or left side of the page.  Basic users can switch to a Plus account to get more features for free.

LJ Releases
We've gotten a lot of feedback from people asking us how they can keep up with the changes to the site. We've created the community lj_releases and we'll be posting there any time we fix bugs or make changes to site features -- feel free to add it to your friends list.

Video Embedding
We're excited to announce that you can now embed videos from both YouTube and PhotoBucket and have them play directly in your posts. If you’re using the Rich Text Editor, just click the video button  or view the FAQ to see the LJ template tag for it.

Note that videos will not autoplay.  You can, of course, put videos behind an LJ-cut if you or your friends don't want to see a placeholder for the video on your Friends page.

Check out one of the LJ commercials that was posted back in 2003.

Some of the best and brightest minds of the Open Source world (the stuff that makes LJ tick!) are gathering in Portland, OR, this week for a yearly get together. Six Apart is sending a large contingent to OSCON, including crucially, whitaker, anildash, xb95, btrott, bulknews, markpasc, byrnereese, teknikill, and bschoate.  They're giving several talks including LiveJournal's Secret Spinoffs, Trying to Suck Less, and Stump the Band.  Being open source means that the guts that make LiveJournal go are totally free for anybody to use, so they help power sites like Wikipedia, Craigslist, DeadJournal, Slashdot, and dozens more.

August is going to be hott
Stay tuned for some exciting news next month. We'll be launching LJ Talk, LiveJournal’s own instant messaging service, in the first part of August. You may have heard a little about it already, and there will be even more discussion during OSCON since LJ Talk is a Jabber implementation.  You can read the more technical stuff here, or just wait a few weeks until it's ready to launch with some quick and clear instructions as well as an LJ Talk client with powerful voice and chat capabilities.  We've been testing it and we're all already addicted!

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