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Start September in Style

New styles for Paid and Plus users
Cityscape SFWe just added a bunch of new styles for Paid and Plus users! To try out the new styles, go to the Journal Display area and click on the Look and Feel tab. Under Layout & Language, choose "Expressive" from the dropdown menu. Then you can select your theme.

Plus users have access to six of the new themes, including Carson, Weston, Sorbet, Unity, for a total of 26 variations to choose from.
Paid and Permanent users have access to all the new themes, with a total of 76 variations. These screenshots show two of the new Paid style options. You can preview them all here.

Check out this post in lj_design for the full details (including the Vox connection) and screenshots, as well as a preview of Expressive's Playful Robots Orange. In the coming weeks we'll be adding more styles, so stay tuned!

If you want to get in on the styles fun, you can switch to a Plus account or get a Paid account.

Custom Colors on your Navigation Strip
While you're sprucing up your journal or community style, you should know that you can now customize the colors on your navigation strip. Thanks to janinedog's hard work, there are now a lot more options besides "light gray" and "dark gray"!

To change the colors of your navigation strip, go to the Journal Display area and click on the Custom Options tab. At the bottom, you'll see the option to change the colors. By default, the colors of the navigation strip will match the colors of the entries in the style you're using. You can also customize the colors yourself; read the FAQ for more details. Please note that you have to be using the S2 style system to get these custom colors.

If you want to add the navigation strip to your journal or community, you can switch it on at any time.

Choose where you want your ads!
In our last news post, we told you that Plus users can choose the placement of their ads - either horizontal or vertical. Back when we launched the Plus account level, a lot of the feedback we received from you was regarding the placement of the ads. Many of you running on lower screen resolutions said that the skyscrapers took up too much space in your browser and left little reading room for entries.

If you tried out the Plus account level before and didn't like the way the ads looked with your style, we encourage you to try it again with the new option of horizontal ad placement. You can choose your preferred placement on the ad settings page. There's a link to it from the Journal Display page. Check out this post in lj_design for some screenshots.


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