Krissy (ljkrissy) wrote in news,

Notifications for Everyone

Everybody now has access to our new Notifications system!  Brad wrote all about the system a few weeks ago, so you can read the details in his post

Paid, Plus and Permanent users have been using this for a few weeks and we've gotten great feedback from them.  We're listening to all your feedback to make sure this system is useful and (as Brad put it) non-stalkery.  So far the most popular uses of the Notifications system have been:

  • Finding out when someone adds you as a friend
  • Getting notified when there's a new post in a particular journal or community
  • Tracking comments to a particular post (tracking individual comment threads is for Paid accounts only)

If you'd like to turn on one of these subscriptions or check out what else is available, visit the Manage Settings page.  You'll then have the option to get notified via the new Message Center or email.  For more details, visit the FAQ.

Set up your notifications now

    Horizon Update

    We also fixed some bugs in Horizon, the new site scheme, including the text selection bug that many of you reported.  Check out this post in lj_releases to track and report bugs.

    Remember, you can switch your site scheme at any time by visiting the Viewing Options page.

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