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txtlj and mobile features

Hi everyone. I guess it's my turn to do a news post! I'm Abe, and I get to listen to Kimmie stress out about her spreadsheets. ;)

TxtLJ (sponsored by ampdmobile)

Last week, Kimmie announced that we opened TxtLJ to paid/permanent users, and we're now opening it up to all account levels!

Once you set up TxtLJ, you'll be able to send text messages to TXTLJ (89855) to post to your journal, add people to your Friends list, and read your Friends page. (See the full command list for more.) So, for instance, you'd post to your journal like this:

We've also expanded our notifications system, so you can choose to receive notifications via text message, too.

You can send an unlimited number of text messages to TxtLJ. Unfortunately, we do have to pay for every text message we send out, so they're restricted based on your account level:

* Plus users get 3 free notifications per month
* Paid users get 10 free notifications per month
* Permanent accounts get 10 15 free notifications per month

If you want more, you can buy add-on packages of 100 or 250 notifications at any time. Also, if you set up TxtLJ during October, you'll get 10 free notifications. More information is available in our FAQ. (Keep in mind that your phone provider's standard text messaging charges may apply.)

Unfortunately, TxtLJ is currently only available to users in the United States, and only with supported carriers listed on the TxtLJ page. We're working on adding support for Alltel, Nextel, and T-Mobile, as well as international support, as soon as we can. AT&T Wireless customers (now Cingular Blue) won't be able to use TxtLJ currently, but we'll see what we can do about that.

More Voice Post Numbers!

We've acquired more voicepost numbers in the United States -- we've added numbers in a bunch of states, including California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Florida, and Texas. If you have a Paid or Plus Account, you can set up voiceposting at any time. :)

We're also looking into setting up a toll-free number, in case you don't have a voicepost number near you. International users: we're looking into various voice over IP gateways. If you know of any that you'd like to recommend to us, send us an email at feedback@livejournal.com to let us know. In the meantime, you can use Gizmo/LJ Talk to make voiceposts if you'd like to.

There are a number of other ways you can interact with LJ through your mobile phone: you can receive text messages from your friends and post to your journal via email, too. For more information, check out mobile features overview.

LiveJournal announcements

We know we don't include everything that's happening on LiveJournal here in news posts -- there's so much going on that we save News for the things that we think most users want to know about. We use other communities to go into more depth, because that way you can decide what you want to keep up with. If you're curious and want more information on LJ happenings, you might want to consider watching the following:

lj_releases -- Every time we make changes to the site, we'll post here listing off all the changes -- both bugfixes and enhancements.

lj_biz -- For insight and information about the business-related decisions we make, such as our reasons for creating Horizon, information about sponsored communities, and so on.

lj_feedback -- If we have questions for you about anything LJ-related we'll post here.

paidmembers -- All paid members are added to this community when they first pay for their accounts, since it includes information that's relevant only to paid users.

lj_ads -- Members of our Sales team post here to announce and discuss things relating Plus accounts, advertising, and sponsorships on LiveJournal.

lj_design -- Our Design team posts here about their role in creating new stuff -- designing themes, working on page layouts, and the like.

status and lj_maintenance -- If there's any unexpected (or expected!) downtime, our operations team will post here to let you guys know.

You can also check out the complete list of communities run by the LJ team, too.

Join the LJ/Six Apart Team

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in joining the Six Apart family, check out our job listings. In particular, we're looking for people to fill in Linux systems administrator positions, but we've also got openings in many other departments. The listings contain application info, if you find a position that suits you. (We have cookies, too!)

Have a happy rest of the week! :)

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