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LiveJournal Halloween

Greetings comrades, I'm Andy - Leader of the LiveJournal Design Resistance.

Halloween is upon us and here at LiveJournal, any excuse to goof off is a good one. That's why from now until November 1st, we'll be sporting our lovely Halloween theme. Maybe Halloween just isn't your kind of thing. We're sorry, but you'll just have to deal with our nonsense for a little while (although you really should be used to it by now).


Halloween is a time of giving. A time when you can dress up like a zombie and complete strangers will give you candy - or if you are a zombie, it's the one time out of the year you won't be discriminated against. In either case, Halloween is a joyous occasion.

As many of you know, LiveJournal resides on this thing called the internet. In an effort to continue the spirit of giving, we've been trying to figure out a way to send objects through the internet. Unfortunately, our research has come up short so you'll have to settle for V-Gifts (the "V" stands for virtual - ooh futuristic!).

Send your friends some candy, a frank-o-lantern perhaps? How about a flaming bag of...use your imagination?

New Themes

We have themes from our friends at Piximix. A set of Pixipet themes are available to Paid members under Expressive. There are also two under Mixit available to everyone made especially for LiveJournal. Check out our post in lj_design for more details and an interview with Piximix.

LJ Talk

LJ Talk isn't your average Open Source Jabber Protocol Instant Messaging Platform, it can facilitate all your social and laziness needs. Bored? IM your mutual friends and ask them what color socks they're wearing. Too lazy to open your browser to make a post? Well you can post by IM! And coming soon, you'll be able to get comment notifications and stuff via LJ Talk.

LJ Talks works with a number of IM clients, but if you're using the Gizmo/LJ Talk client, you can Voice Post, and do other cool stuff too.

And if you don't want your Gizmo/LJ Talk ID visible on your profile page, you can edit your profile and hide it.

TxtLJ (sponsored by ampdmobile)

As humans, we have a technological advantage over zombies. I remember reading somewhere that zombies love text messaging, but they're unable to do so because of their lack of muscle coordination. It's kind of sad, but fortunately for us humans, we've got TxtLJ (works with T-Mobile and Alltel now!), which lets you interact with LiveJournal via text message.

Consider this, you're at the park and suddenly there's a zombie outbreak. You're surrounded. What do you do? Call 911? Yeah, like they'll believe you. Under normal circumstances, you'd probably be turned into a zombie by now, but luckily for you, you've got TxtLJ.

Just whip out your phone and text, "postcomm.zombiekillers, zombies are attacking me at the park" to TxtLJ (89855).

That'll post your message to the zombiekillers and you'll be rescued in no time*.

*TxtLJ should not be relied on in a zombie attack.

All of this talk about zombies has gotten me all excited and has me wondering...

How many zombies do you think you could take down before they over run you?

I don't know, I bet I could take down at least 137 depending on the situation. It'd probably be tiring after awhile and I'd succumb to zombitude.

Leave your answers in the comments or make it an exciting new post in your journal. Remember, my friends, just because there has never been a zombie outbreak in recorded history, doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

Have a happy Halloween. Viva la resistance.

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