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December News Wrap-Up

Rainy days are upon us in San Francisco. It’s been extremely chilly and wet, especially by Northern California standards. The staff is preparing for winter hibernation (though those of us working remotely have already broken in our electric blankets). This will be the last update until after the New Year, so we bundled together a little bit of everything (and yes, that includes bugfixes too). As some of you may have noticed, we launched most of this yesterday. We've received a lot of feedback from you since then and have made changes accordingly.

'Tis the Season for More Styles
We added a bunch of new styles from our neighbors at Vox. Whichever holiday you're celebrating (or not celebrating), there’s something for everyone. To try out the new styles, go to the Journal Display area and click on the Look and Feel tab. Under Layout & Language, choose "Expressive Seasonal" from the dropdown menu. Then you can select your theme.

Basic users have access to 2 of the new themes.
Plus users have access to 9 different variations of themes, including Christmas Cookies, Skater Girl, and Holiday Stripes.
Paid and Permanent users have access to all the new themes, with a total of 25 variations. These screenshots show three of the new Paid style options. You can preview them all here.

Notifications and LJ Talk
We've expanded our notifications system, so you can choose to receive notifications via LJ Talk too. Frank the Goat will be working 'round the clock to notify you of new comments and other messages. If you'd like to turn on subscriptions or set settings for your notices, visit the Manage Settings page.

LJ Talk is our instant messaging service that's implemented using the Jabber protocol, which is an open system that allows us to connect to other networks, like Google Talk, Gizmo Project,, Earthlink, and others. For more information about LJ Talk and how to connect to it, check out the FAQs.

Post to Journal
We've redesigned the Post to Journal page to address usability issues with both the Rich Text editor and HTML editor. The existing page was beginning to look cluttered – important features were getting lost in the list of fields, and there was little room for the addition of new features. Check out this post in lj_design for the full details on the changes.

We think we've worked out the major kinks after running the changes through several rounds of testing. However if you see bugs or broken behavior, please submit them to this post in lj_releases.

Tags Management
Did you know that you can allow others to tag your entries for you? Previously that functionality was hidden away, but it's now available on the Tags Management page.

There are two levels of tag control. You can give users access to add tags you've already created for your journal entries; or you can give users access to do anything to your entry tags that you can do. For more information on tags and how to use them, please read the FAQs.

Fixes and More Fixes
In addition to the new features and enhancements above, the team has been working hard on squashing bugs. The list is rather diverse and too long to note here. You can review all the changes in this post under lj_releases.

Reminder for Giving More...
Last week we kicked off the holiday season with our Give More promotion. When you buy someone a gift of paid time, you'll automatically give them the userpic add-on for free! That means when you buy a gift of 12 months paid time, the recipient also gets upgraded to 100 userpics for those 12 months. If you buy them a 2 month paid account, they get 100 userpics for 2 months, and so on.

The Give More offer expires at the end of the month – Sunday, December 31st at 23:59 PST. So head to the Gift Shop and Give More! While you're there, don't forget to pick up a lump of coal or two for all your naughty friends. ;)

We wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. See you in 2007.
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