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State of the Goat 2007

As we ring in a brand new year and watch the account ticker creep toward 12 million, we knew it was time for our annual State of the Goat reflections. Keep reading for a look back at 2006 and a quick look ahead to what this year will bring.

New features added in 2006:
  • LJ's Notifications System lets you keep track of changes to journals and communities you care about - just look for the icon. You can set up subscriptions and read new notifications in your Message Center.
  • LJ Talk, LiveJournal's Jabber-based instant messaging service which included a client created by Gizmo Project.
  • TxtLJ, sponsored by Amp'd Mobile, allows you to send and receive text messages to post to your journal, add a friend and more.
  • Video embedding from Google, YouTube, Photobucket,,, and
  • Userpic Factory creates 100x100 pixel userpics out of standard sized photos. It lets you easily crop and zoom in on the part of the photo you want for your userpic.
  • Tons of new themes -- We added themes from the Style Contest and from our neighbors at Vox. Find them in the Customize menu under Mixit, Expressive and Style Contest.
  • Navigation strip -- This customizable strip borders at the top of the screen and offers handy links to navigate through LJ while you're reading journals and communities.
  • Nudge lets you tell a mutual friend that you miss hearing from them and want them to update their journal.
  • Contextual hover menus -- Just hover over a userpic or userhead icon and get options to visit the person's journal or profile page or to add them as a friend.
  • FRNK Radio -- A stream of all the latest public voice posts. All goats all the time, without any annoying sheep.

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As you can see, it was a busy year and 2007 will be just as jam-packed. If you'd like to provide feedback about LiveJournal's direction or decisions, please email feedback AT

Have a Happy New Year! And frank wants you to remember to Be A Goat, Not A Sheep!

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